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The Key To Healing Is Doing It In Community!


Live Your Most Authentic Life Now By:

Being able to put together the missing pieces to your puzzle!


Live Your Most Authentic Life Now By:

Knowing what it is like to do the shadow work that no one ever sees!


Live Your Most Authentic Life Now By:

Finding individuals who get you and understand you!

Success Story

D. White Says:

Who do you know that would stay up hours, let alone days (4 to be exact) helping you to deal with your issues?

I had to share this because being someone that is an Advocate/Speaker for men survivors of sexual abuse I know it’s not enough to just give information out it’s about walking with Them on this journey to wholeness. For those seeking healing and therapy, I can tell you that it’s not pretty lol! I deal with imposter syndrome, and it’s been like the worst bully I’ve ever encountered in my life. Although I’ve been making progress and should be very proud of myself.. boom here comes that bully (imposter syndrome) telling me I don’t deserve to be whole or I don’t deserve to be Happy. I honestly started to believe it.

While in ATL for our Survivors Meet Up I was triggered by a convo we all had about not being afraid to share our journeys. I honestly felt like sht knowing that I keep putting others' happiness before mine because I felt like I didn’t deserve it. I was self-sabotaging myself my whole life.

Joevan sat across from me listening to me break down. He sat up and handed me a mirror. Asking me to look into it and speak to those things I needed to tell my family about.. speak into the mirror and tell myself what was it that I would do to practice self-love and heal from the brokenness I was hiding! Guys 4 am.. he stayed up affirming me, guiding me on what I should do to honor myself. I fought not to look in that mirror, knowing I felt this way plenty of times before... but the time 4 am arrived I could finally say to myself "I love you!” I was able to make that promise to myself that no matter what happened my healing would always come first. I could say more but it was hours worth of him pouring into My life.

Since then I’ve talked to a few of my family members. Though it wasn’t pleasant I can say It took bravery and confidence to express my emotions and feelings with them. That’s something I would have NEVER done if it wasn’t for Joe guiding me to do so. You’re an amazing friend and great at the work you do. Most in this field may have the credentials but not the heart that comes with it. He happens to have both that and a bunch of patience lol !! I have carried this into everything I do. I look at the video of myself every time I feel discouraged it reminds me to always be true to myself.

Thank you!!!!!!!


Joevan Palmer is a native of Syracuse, NY, currently residing in Atlanta, GA. He is a Winston-Salem State University and Chamberlain University graduate with a Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in Trauma. Joevan currently serves in the capacity of a therapist to teens, moms, and men who have experienced traumas in their life. Joevan is a Healing Coach, entrepreneur, and host of the Vulnerable Moments Podcast, a safe space for people to talk about their trauma.

Known as the Healing Coach, Joevan is no stranger to life challenges and adversities. Joevan has overcome childhood sexual abuse, and adulthood traumas, which has led him to this path of helping change the trajectory of mental health in the black community, specifically men’s mental health. He is helping individuals who have experienced sexual and/or life trauma maintain better relationships, re-establish trust, and release suppression. His mission is to help as many man and women begin their healing journey and take back the life that belongs to them.

The Key To Healing Is In Community!!

Consider These 6 Reasons to heal in Community


Shared Support

Healing in community provides a space where individuals can share their struggles, experiences, and emotions with others who can relate and offer support. This can help alleviate feelings of isolation, loneliness, and shame, and provide a sense of belonging and connection.


Collective Wisdom

Community healing brings together people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, allowing for a collective exchange of ideas, insights, and perspectives that can deepen understanding and facilitate personal growth.


Increased Accountability

Participating in a healing community can create a sense of accountability and motivation to continue the healing process. This is because you, the individual is not only accountable to yourself but also to the community that is supporting you.


Diversity of Healing Practices

Communities often offer a wide range of healing practices that can be tailored to meet individual needs. This can include spiritual practices, therapeutic approaches, or other modalities that are informed by cultural and ancestral knowledge.



Participating in a community healing process can help you develop a sense of empowerment, agency, and resilience.


Sustainable Support System

Community healing provides a sustainable support system that can extend beyond individuality.

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"There is no one who loves pain, who seeks after it, wants to have it simply because it is pain."

Success Story

TJ Says:

Thank you, Coach Joe for creating a safe space to be vulnerable. I have internalized sexual abuse that happened 44 years ago. I have never shared with anyone ever until now. And it is a direct result of your own candidness and vulnerability that has allowed me to release the burden of my own molestation. For the first time, in almost 4 ½ decades, I feel that the burden is lifted. I am free to forgive myself for something I didn’t cause. To anyone that is ready to release and be free to heal, I highly recommend Coach Joe. It is a safe space.

The Key To Healing is Community!

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